Kitchen Sessions (solo Ben Rose)

Playing some of his favourites. [wpdevart_youtube]6sid_P855CU[/wpdevart_youtube] [wpdevart_youtube]oXBjESWwCR4[/wpdevart_youtube] [wpdevart_youtube]M9qP5ZBwZns[/wpdevart_youtube] [wpdevart_youtube]1LUUJC3aeFM[/wpdevart_youtube] [wpdevart_youtube]IiF7SqRwlzo[/wpdevart_youtube] [wpdevart_youtube]1pK0bnHIbko[/wpdevart_youtube] [wpdevart_youtube]ptVQS9Gujyo[/wpdevart_youtube] [wpdevart_youtube]rAdKlGIeHLg[/wpdevart_youtube]  

Welcome to the Ben Rose Lounge

This article was originally available in Stephen Hunt's blog for the Calgary Herald back in 2010. We thought we'd bring it up again here.  Ben used to busk on Stephen Avenue like nobody's business. He made the street his stage and he brought the house down every night. Thanks again…

Wedding Season is booking now!

Your wedding day is magical. Music helps cast the spell. Combining world-class vocals with top-notch musicianship, the World's Best Wedding Band is flexible, professional, and most of all knows how to get people up and dancing when the time is right. Playing a mix of classic pop, rock, and country…