GQ Magazine asks Ben Rose about life as a Wedding Singer

A huge thank you goes out to GQ Magazine online for this super cool interview with Ben and the World’s Best Wedding Band.

Scott Meslow from GQ magazine was kind enough to give Ben a call and ask about life as a real life wedding singer. Find out what really gets people dancing, how a seasoned pro becomes the world’s best wedding band, and what the weirdest first dance requests really are.

Here’s a sample:

GQ: How does a professional musician end up specializing in weddings?

Ben Rose: I’ve been playing music for a living for about 20 years. For years, people would come up to me and say, “I don’t want to be rude… but would you play our wedding?” And I’d think, Why does everyone think playing a wedding is an insult? Whenever I played weddings, I’d have the greatest time. Romance is in the air. There are children singing and dancing, and old people singing and dancing. So I decided to make a [wedding band.] It was probably eight years ago.

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Also, a shout out to the amazing Ward Sutton for the stunning illustration of Ben, posted with the original article.

You can see more of Ward’s incredible work here.